10 Granite colors that combine perfectly white cabinets

 Granite comes in various colors, making it one of the most versatile materials for kitchens. However, it would be best to consider some aspects before installing countertops made with this rock, for example, which color best combines with your kitchen elements. For instance, you should consider the color of your cabinets to avoid an environment with little harmony and unsightly. 

 Cabinets’ color must match the rock color. It is one of the basic principles in kitchen design. For example, there are white cabinets in many places because this color suggests timelessness, cleanliness, and freshness and gives the kitchen a brighter look. In addition, white can go well with various granite patterns. However, most people choose the same colors. 

 Other bolder colors can go perfectly with white cabinets and add originality to your kitchen. In Maga Marbles and Quarries, we recommend opting for the following. 

 Alaska White 

 It is a crisp-looking color named after the bright white mineral formations that look like ice. Accented by ebony feldspar veins and translucent quartz scatter, it is an original choice for white cabinets. It has a limited palette, but it also has a deep pattern that will add a unique visual experience to kitchens and even bathrooms with light cabinets. You can go for similar options like Juparana Delicatus, Bianco Antico, or Winter White if you like the color white. 

 Black Pearl 

 These granites from India stand out for their deep look with greyish details in a subtle, compound pattern. They are an alternative to Jet or Premium Black surfaces that you should consider if you want a contemporary white and black kitchen. Other similar black granites with discreet patterns are Cambrian Black and Virginia Mist. 

 Blue Pearl 

 When combined with white cabinets, the semi-iridescent Blue Pearl granites create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is an option to obtain soft and airy sensations. You can use a backsplash to ensure its durability and accessories to make it the centerpiece of your kitchen, no matter if it is traditional or contemporary. 

Black Marinace 

 It’s a perfect color if you want to add a little more drama to your kitchen. Black Marinace granites are conglomerates of polymictic pebbles and feature a unique pattern on the market. It may appear to the naked eye to be an artificial rock, yet it is mined just like any granite. Each embedded “pebble” features a unique pattern, so you will always discover and be amazed by a new detail when using your kitchen. 

 Also known as Black Mosaic or Black Morgan, it combines with white cabinets and completely black kitchens. If you like its pebble pattern, you can opt for the Green Marinace granite, a similar geological phenomenon with shades of green. 

 Calacatta Macaubas 

 It has a similar color to marble, but some mention that it is harder. Its name comes from the veins on its surface that resemble Calacatta marble. It is an alternative to marble for a more practical version of kitchens in European and traditional styles, with white walls and cabinets. 

 Colonial White 

 If you want to remodel your kitchen and get a white-on-white look, Colonial White is a great option. Its dark gray and black mineral tips create a slow-moving constellation stretching out over a whitish-cold-gray background. In addition, it is an option that combines perfectly with white cabinets and tiles of the same color, creating an impeccable and contemporary appearance. 

 Silver Waves 

 It features a combination of white and black swirls, perfect for both kitchens and black-on-white bathrooms. Silver Waves presents the simplicity of color and striking design that will add exclusivity to your home. If you are interested in a similar look, you can opt for Titanium and Black Forest granites. 

 Giallo Ornamental 

 It is one of the most recommended by interior designers. It is a color used for a long time, yet it is still a best seller worldwide. It combines a simple palette of white, black, cream, and blueberry accents in a composite pattern. Pair it with white or cream cabinets for a charming, traditional kitchen. If you are interested in a similar color, check out Santa Cecilia and Giallo Veneziano granites. Finally, if you want a little more contrast, dark green Uba Tuba will suit your white cabinets. 

 Steel Grey 

 As its name suggests, it has the charm of industrial designs. Steel Gray composite pattern is kept to a small range of grays, making it a good choice when paired with white cabinets. If you want your kitchen to have an industrial, contemporary and elegant look, you should consider it. You can also enhance its rugged appearance by choosing Steel Gray with an antique finish. 

 Volga Blue 

 It may look like a simple stone to the naked eye but, when light hits its surface, you will be able to see iridescent elements of blue labradorite on a black background. In addition, it has gray reflective medallions in different sizes, which gives it a subtle yet intriguing appearance. It is perfect to pair with white cabinets if you want a bold and sumptuous look. 

Which of these colors and styles did you find the most striking to pair with your white cabinets? Surely all of them. However, choose the one that best suits the design and theme of your kitchen. We recommend you go to suppliers and installers who have years of experience and a vast catalog of colors so that you can find the granite countertops of your dreams.