L-shaped kitchens: functionality and style in any space

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most demanded designs in recent years. They are the perfect option for any kitchen, regardless of its size or decoration. Here are why they have become a great design success and some guidelines to get the most out of them. Take note! 

Advantages of L-shaped kitchens 

The arrangement in two rows of perpendicular cabinets creates environments with an open character, eliminating the limitation of a single passage area. Regarding the spaces, it fits well in both square and rectangular kitchens, and one of its significant advantages is that they are easily adaptable to homes of any size. In addition, it eliminates the tube effect that two rows of cabinets in parallel could cause in narrow floors. On the other hand, it is ideal for family kitchens because it leaves a lot of free space, and several people can work comfortably at the same time. 

More advantages? Corners are not the best-used space in kitchens. In this case, we only have one corner, formed by the small side and the longer side. Besides, an L-shaped kitchen is also a perfect solution if you want to place an island or a table for more informal meals. 

It is the perfect design to get the most out of small spaces. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen, opt for an L-shape to give it a greater sense of spaciousness. In addition, this arrangement provides greater mobility and allows cooking more comfortably and without space problems. 

Good elements arrangement 

L-shaped kitchens allow you to easily integrate different areas: cooking, pantry, and water. Keep in mind that people usually put the refrigerator and the kitchen sink on a side and the stove and the oven on the other side. Also, write down this fundamental fact: you must leave a minimum separation of 60 cm between the water and fire areas for safety and guarantee of comfortable work. 

Regular design in open kitchens 

L-shaped designs are among the most widespread today. They are perfect for closed kitchens because they create an open environment with comfortable and wide passages, leaving a lot of central space. But they are also more successful in open kitchens than living-dining room designs. It is also common to add a central island, increasing storage capacity and counter space. 

Recuerda iluminar adecuadamente tu cocina en forma de L para aumentar la singularidad del espacio, por ejemplo, instalando pequeñas luces debajo de los muebles. Pero, por supuesto, la luz natural sigue siendo el mejor elemento para darle a cualquier habitación un equilibrio, serenidad y amplitud extra. 

L-shaped kitchens are not only functional. They also mean style and decoration. Choose the format that best suits you or select different types for a dream kitchen. Take utmost care of the aesthetics of the kitchen countertop, furniture, flooring, and wall cladding. It is possible to combine everything and achieve visual continuity thanks to the Silestone and Dekton surfaces, especially with Dekton Slim. Its minimum thickness of 4 mm will make any coating a reality.