Exotic quartzites, the canvas of nature

Exotic quartzites are made up almost entirely of quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth. This hardness makes it an excellent natural stone for different applications. However, the most outstanding quality of exotic quartzites is their diversity of designs. It seems that nature has overflowed its imagination painting each stone as if it were a canvas. 

Next, we will tell you why exotic quartzites are the ideal option for your project. 


Quartz is number seven on the Mohs scale, meaning few materials are harder and more resistant. Quartz represents at least 90% of the composition of exotic quartzites, and the rest is made up of other minerals, such as micas or feldspars. If you are looking for a highly resistant natural stone for outdoor uses, such as high traffic floors or facades, exotic quartzite is the ideal stone. 

Low absorption of liquids 

Quartzites are characterized by their low porosity, which significantly reduces the absorption of liquids and seepage that can damage and stain the stone. For this reason, quartzites are used in the lining of swimming pools, baths, and waterfalls, as artificial waterfalls. However, since it is a natural stone, it is recommended to apply a sealer to keep it in excellent condition for longer. Exotic quartzites do not need frequent sealing, and, depending on how the stone is used, it can be done every one, two, or five years. 


One of the most outstanding characteristics of exotic quartzites is their wide variety of designs. They can be found in lighter colors, such as Allure Quartzite; others in dark tones, such as Quartzite Metalicus with golden details. In addition, the Nacarado Quartzite, with red and black sparkles, and the Gold Macaubus Quartzite, with a beige texture that evokes serenity, are excellent options if you like more neutral colors. 

If you are looking for more intense colors, the Red Passion Quartzite or the Polished Cinnamon Quartzite will enchant you. The natural finish of exotic quartzites and their component materials generate a sparkle effect that gives it a unique and extraordinary beauty. 

Different applications 

Its many colors and designs, its low porosity, its resistance, and its low maintenance allow exotic quartzites to be installed in practically any space and combined with any texture or material, whether indoors, such as bathroom wall tiles, countertops, dining tables, on walls, stairs or ornaments, or outdoors, on facades, swimming pools, and high traffic floors. 

Choosing exotic quartzites for your project is not only selecting a natural stone with a range of colors for every taste, with a unique and unrepeatable design and texture and exceptional hardness, but it is choosing a work of art from nature.